IDEAL FOR: Penthouses, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Terraces, Inner Courtyards, Hotels, Community Centres, Yatch Clubs, Schools, Kindergartens, High Schools, Universities, Swimming Pools, Sports Facilities, Factories, Glasshouses, Hospitals, Nursing Homes…

Retractable Roof

  • Sliding Plates System particurlarly suitable to cover operating radius of small dimensions.

Chains Sliding Roof

  • Chain Drive Plates Sliding System specially designed to cover any large surface.

Hydraulic Roof

  • Solar Control System and Aluminum ventilation panels graduation.


IDEAL FOR: Penthouses, Inner Courtyards, Terraces, Porches…

Polycarbonate Hard Ceilings

  • 16 mm Polycarbonate thickness with Clear or Icy White finishes. Panels of up to 1200 mm width and up to 5000 mm lenght.

Sandwich Panel Hard Ceilings

  • Self-supporting panel of 52 or 82 mm width with various finishes and treatments. Panels of up to 1150 mm width and up to 7000 mm length.

Glass Hard Ceilings

  • Laminated or Tempered Glass with chamber. From 8 up to 20 mm thickness. Various finishes and treatments.