Mobile Roofs

APPLICATIONS: Private Attics, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Terraces, Patios, Hotels, Social Centers, Yacht Clubs, Schools, Kindergartens, Institutes, Universities, Swimming Pools, Sports Venues, Factory Roofs, Greenhouses, Hospitals, Elderly Homes…

Sliding Roof

  • Sliding Plate System, especially indicated to cover spaces in which the exit or overhang is not large.

Sliding Roof Chain

  • Plate Sliding System designed to cover large surfaces of any size, thanks to its chain transmission.

Adjustable ceiling

  • Solar Control and Ventilation System through graduation of its aluminum slats.

Technical Sheets Mobile Roofs

Fixed ceilings

APPLICATIONS: Attics, patios, terraces, porches…


Fixed Polycarbonate Roofs

  • 16mm polycarbonate. thick, with Colorless or Ice White finishes and plate width dimensions of up to 1200 mm. and length 5000 mm.

Fixed Ceilings Sandwich Panel

  • Self-supporting panel of 52 or 82 mm. thick, with various finishes or treatments and panel width dimensions of up to 1150 mm. and length 7000 mm.

Fixed Glass Ceilings

  • Laminar or Tempered Glass with Chamber, between 8 and 20 mm. thick, with various finishes or treatments.