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SEEGLASS Glass Curtains: The definitive glass enclosure without vertical profiles. Transparency, luminosity, security and aesthetics and design that integrate perfectly with the demands of modern architecture.

It is the tallest Stackable Panel Glass Enclosure in the Seeglass range (up to 3.5 meters high). Especially indicated for the separation of public spaces such as hotel rooms, offices, shopping center windows, etc.


Is the Hinged Sliding System for those who are looking for an enclosure whose design does not break the aesthetics of the building and who also need greater resistance and tightness to the most unfavorable weather conditions. The innovative design of its covers and the l2 mm tempered glass make it the most watertight enclosure without vertical profiles and best prepared for adverse climates and weather conditions.

Cortina ONE is a high-quality glass curtain system that creates a pleasant well-being while increasing the value of your real estate properties. Specially designed for winter gardens, balconies, terraces and commercial galleries.

Durability Seeglass system bearings are subjected to exhaustive resistance tests. A medium-sized enclosure, withstands more than 5,000 cycles of maneuver, opening and complete closure of each of its leaves.


Cortina ECO is an Innovative Glass Enclosure System, which turns the space into a pleasant room to be used throughout the year: a practical place of leisure for the little ones, a study, or simply a protected and clean terrace.


Cortina Fix is ​​an innovative Glazing Enclosure system designed to create spaces with fixed glass walls, reducing the use of aluminum profiles to a minimum. Specially designed for dividing workspaces in offices, homes or public spaces with minimal visual impact.

Cortina Lux is a Sliding System for Glass Panels exclusively indicated for interior spaces. It allows you to divide interior areas and create new environments inside your home in a diaphanous way and facilitating access between the new rooms.

Cortina PRO is the Protection Barrier that combines high quality glass and aluminum and better adapts to current regulations.

Cortina RUN is the new C3 SystemS sliding glass enclosure system without vertical profiles that offers you the possibility of moving each of the leaves parallel and horizontally to one side or both.

We only install the best quality of glass curtains, C3systems – Seeglass, to achieve the best possible result in your home.



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