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Aluminum Entrance Doors THERMOPLUS, THERMOPRO, THERMOSAFE and THERMOCARBON, innovative high quality designs, large selection of models, maximum thermal insulation, reliable security equipment and attractive value for money.


Whenever we talk about PVC windows, we immediately think of windows, completely forgetting about doors. Placing PVC doors in our home we get the same benefits as with windows: tightness, silence, security

  • It is a stable and inert material that makes it aseptic and hygienic, making it the ideal material for a Healthy Home.
  • It is a very durable material and does not require maintenance, which results in economic and ecological savings.
  • It is completely insulating. Both thermal, acoustic, and electrical.
  • It is also waterproof, so it is used in construction in general.
  • It is highly resistant to impacts, chemical and atmospheric agents, which makes it ideal for outdoors. Also ideal for the security it offers.
  • Also remember that PVC is one of the plastics that least depends on oil, since it is mostly composed of salts. In addition to being so durable, the possibility of being recycled greatly reduces energy consumption in its manufacture.

Aluminum doors are characterized by their resistance, a fundamental property to maintain security in our homes, since thieves usually give up if they are faced with a very strong material.

The durability of aluminium, together with finishes such as lacquered or anodized, means that aluminum doors are not affected by climatic changes (rain, wind, snow, temperature changes,…), providing a great natural capacity to resist degradation caused by weathering corrosion.

Aluminum doors also do not undergo expansion, contraction or deformation processes when the temperature changes drastically. In this way, they maintain their functionality throughout their useful life.

MILENNIUM 2000 is designed for buildings with high-traffic entrances: offices, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. There are two versions: MILENNIUM 2000 and MILENNIUM 2000 AUTOMATIC.

Puerta Milennium 2000

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AVANZA, a door with a hidden leaf, 70mm thick and with thermal bridge break both in the frame and in its hidden leaf, comes to revolutionize the aluminum door market with unbeatable technical features.

Composed of 2 aluminum sheets 2mm thick and with a double core of high-density extruded polystyrene not in contact with each other to give rise to thermal breakage, it can reach a maximum thickness of 70mm, and measures at the request of the client of up to 2500mm high X 1250mm wide.

The hardware is made up of:

  • 3 3D adjustable white/black 3-blade hinges
  • 5 point lock
  • black/white handle
  • Optional accessories: handles, knobs, knockers, peepholes…

The AVANZA door is manufactured entirely with our own resources, for whose design the technical team developed an autonomous robotic production cell for cutting, folding and punching the sheets that make up the door. In this way, we can make the die for the handle and the cylinder and fold the hidden sash. Likewise, this automatic die-cutting line allows us to produce door leaves 800-1250 mm wide and 2000-2500 mm high.

AVANZA is offered in our entire variety of finishes such as RAL chart lacquers, special lacquers, textured or wood-like lacquers, as well as Renolit PVC foil. In the same way, the panel can be made in a wide range of models that are shown in our catalogue.

Its exceptional technical features, its elegant design with hidden leaf and the guarantee of the quality of our industrial processes endorsed by the QUALICOAT, SEASIDE and QUALIDECO certificates make the AVANZA door the latest generation of doors on the market.