Flexol curtains

Vertical blinds

The vertical curtain is ideal for rooms with large glass windows and high ceilings. It is also a more versatile solution to separate environments, sloping roofs, curves and stairs.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are the ideal curtains to regulate the entry of light. In their aluminum version they are light and easy to install, ideal for the current decoration. In their wooden version they offer a traditional and elegant touch.

Roller Curtains

Achieving the degree of darkening desired in the room, increasing the capacity of thermal insulation or preserving our privacy allowing us to see without being seen, are possibilities offered by the different technical fabric collections for roller blinds.

Pleated Curtains

The space it occupies once collected is minimal, which makes the pleat the best solution where space is limited.

Folding Curtains

Conceived especially for the home, we offer our clients the possibility of making their folding curtains with the fabrics of our catalog. A wide variety of colors, plain and patterned fabrics that allow you to decorate the whole room alone or combined with each other.

Sliding Panels

Especially suitable for covering large glazed areas and separating rooms within the same room. The sliding panel is offered in rails of 2 to 5 tracks, with a tremendous diversity of folding typologies or, alternatively, in the version of free panels.

Mini Roller Curtains


The mini roller curtains is a geniality , is used for small dimensions windows and balcony doors.