Base Lite

 BASE LITE is a box with extendable arms on fixe side supports with counter anchor armas with double cable and stainless steel chain. The brrackets allow the awning to be installed on walls or ceilings and it also has a screw of microregulation to allow proper coupling profiles.


Iris is an box with only 2 profiles, which are cut to the same length. More than 2.75m wind capacity with shaft Ø 70mm. Tethering onwall or ceiling directly, without additional support. New smart includes a new articulated Profile.


Hidden Roll in a open box canvas, covered by front profile. Removing the engine without removing or lifting the axle set – canbas. Class II approved measures 5.00m x 3.00m, Instaled to a ceiling or wall; 6.00 m x 3.00 m with center support and wall fixing. Elbows height adjustment (folding arm) to improve the clousre of the chest.


Multi-link box, which regulates the inclination of the drawer to ensure proper closure regardless of the position. You have the option to connect up to 3 set modules and these reaches up to 21m in lenght. The upper register is supported along the entire lenght with internal reinforcement, preventing the hood rests on the tarpaulin, and improves the closement. You have the ability to hide the cable by the invisible arm inside the load bar and its lid.